Obama Bans Lobbyists|From Advisory Panels

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Firming up a campaign promise to close the revolving door between government service and K Street lobbying firms, President Obama has ordered all executive departments and agencies to cease appointment of registered lobbyists to committees, boards and advisory councils.
The president’s order also forbids reappointment of currently sitting lobbyists.
     The day after the he was inaugurated, Obama signed an Executive Order placing strict limits on the ability of lobbyists to serve in government positions related to their prior lobbying activities.
     Following that lead, several executive agencies independently adopted rules preventing registered lobbyists from serving on advisory panels; a practice the president has now made the official policy of the administration.
     A statement on the White House Web site described the panels: “These part-time agency advisory boards and commissions – of which there are thousands throughout the executive branch – help the government shape policy on everything from international trade to scientific innovation. And while some specialists who’ve held roles on these boards for years have made positive contributions, phasing out those who simultaneously serve as lobbyists will have the added benefit of opening these boards up to fresh faces and engaging more Americans in our governing process.”

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