Nurse Says Clinic Fired Her For|Reporting Surgeon’s Repeated Errors

     EDMOND, OKLA. (CN) – A registered nurse claims McBride Clinic Orthopedic Hospital defamed and fired her for complaining truthfully that Dr. Thomas Tkach had performed two surgeries on the wrong site, failed to report six defective implants, that his patients had an infection rate four times the national average, and that he left a foreign object inside a patient.

     Karla Martin claims the clinic and its CEO Troy Hensarling fired her to retaliate for her truthful complaints about Dr. Tkach. She claims Dr. Tkach failed to report at least six defective implants, and that, “Notably, Dr. Tkach assisted in designing hip and knee modular devices and receives compensation related thereto.”
     The complaint continues: “Following Plaintiff’s requests for corrective action, Dr. Tkach made statements to McBride’s physicians and to McBride’s Board of Directors that eh would not bring his cases to McBride until Plaintiff was terminated. True to his word, Dr. Tkach diverted his cases to other facilities causing a significant decrease in McBride’s revenues. Plaintiff was even questioned by McBride’s physicians, as well as a third-party contractor, regarding why Dr. Tkach hated her so much he stopped bringing patients until her termination.”
     Martin claims Hensarling and McBride fired her on a pretext on Jan. 16. She demands punitive damages in Oklahoma County Court. She is represented by Mark Stonecipher with Fellers, Snider & Blankenship of Oklahoma City.

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