No Religion Group Sues City

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Rancho Cucamonga illegally ordered the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s paid billboard ad taken down, the foundation says in Federal Court. It says the billboard message, “Imagine No Religion,” is constitutionally protected speech.

     The Freedom From Religion Foundation says it has 13,000 members, 1,390 of them in California. It promotes separation of church and state, is “opposed to government endorsement of religion,” and “educate(s) on matters of non-theism.”
     The Foundation says it paid for the billboard message for 2 months on Route 66, beginning Nov. 14, as part of a national advertising campaign. It claims the city and its co-defendant Redevelopment Director Linda Daniels ordered the message taken down, because “some individuals residing in Rancho Cucamonga apparently consider FFRF’s message to be objectionable.”
     The Foundation says the city’s action constitutes an unconstitutional endorsement of religion, and interfered with the Foundation’s business. It demands compensatory and punitive damages. It is represented by Robert Seeman of Glendale.

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