No Nirvana, Wrapped in Cellophane Cocoon

     MIAMI (CN) – The Nirvana Spa wrapped a woman in cellophane and stuck her in a hot box, where she passed out, unable to help herself because her arms were wrapped in the cellophane cocoon, the woman claims in court.
     That’s not the only complaint Jordan Berean has with Nirvana Spa in her negligence complaint in Miami-Dade County Court.
     She claims that when a spa employee found her, the worker took her to a shower and left her alone again, and she passed out again and fell, bonking her head and “suffering a severe wound”.
     Berean, of New Jersey, says she went to Nirvana Spa in July 2010.
     “Defendant, Nirvana, provided a service where plaintiff was wrapped in a ‘cellophane’ material, then placed in a heated device/capsule that surrounded her body,” the complaint states.
     “The wrap that was placed around plaintiff required that her arms be at her side and then wrapped with the cellophane type material.
     “Once wrapped in the cellophane type material plaintiff was unable to raise or lower her arms.”
     She says a Nirvana employee helped her into the hot box and then “lowered the top/lid of the heated device/capsule.”
     Berean could not lift the lid because she was wrapped in the cellophane cocoon.
     “Once plaintiff was in the heating device/capsule the Nirvana employee left the treatment room,” the complaint states.
     “Within minutes of being placed in the heating device/capsule plaintiff was uncomfortable.” She says she wanted to get out of there and “called out loud for assistance.”
     But “No one from Nirvana responded to plaintiff’s calls for help.
     “Trapped inside plaintiff became overheated and lightheaded.
     “Defendant, Nirvana, failed to properly or adequately observe, monitor and respond to plaintiff’s requests for assistance and as a result plaintiff passed out and lost consciousness.
     “That upon discovering plaintiff passed out defendant, Nirvana, failed to notify emergency medical services or secure any type of medical assistance.
     “Plaintiff was instead taken into a shower where she was again left alone despite defendant’s employees having actual knowledge that plaintiff had passed out after being left alone in the treatment room.
     “While in the shower, plaintiff passed out and struck her head suffering a severe wound to her head.”
     Berean seeks damages for medial bills, lost wages and lost earning capacity.
     She says Nirvana advertises itself on the Internet as “one of the finest and most complete spas, steam rooms, massages, yoga, workout and gym facilities in the world!”
     Berean is represented by Andrew Norden, with Kopelowitz Ostrow Ferguson Weiselberg & Keechl, of Ft. Lauderdale.

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