Families Sue UPS Over Fatal Shooting Rampage

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) — Lax security at a United Parcel Service sorting facility in San Francisco enabled a shooting that left three men dead and two wounded; others were injured fleeing the violence and dozens must deal with the psychological aftermath, according to nine lawsuits filed Tuesday against UPS.

UPS driver Jimmy Lam, 38, was carrying two stolen guns and ammunition when he went to work on the morning of June 14. He set off the metal detector at the entrance, but according to attorney J. Kevin Morrison, the alarm was disregarded and he was allowed in.

Lam shot to death two fellow drivers, Benson Louie, 50, and Wayne Chan, 56.

“That’s when all hell broke loose,” Morrison said.

Lam left the building on San Bruno Avenue and saw driver Michael Lefiti, 46, whom he shot and killed. He walked back into the building, and when police arrived he shot himself. He had worked for UPS for 18 years.

Morrison said the violence could have been prevented.

“UPS could have ensured that the security company they hired to staff the metal detectors would operate them properly,” he said. “Security measures were in place but people didn’t do their jobs.”

Employees had complained to supervisors that homeless people and drug users could get into the “porous, unsecured building and UPS did nothing to secure it,” the attorney said.

He added that before the shooting, supervisors knew that guns had been brought past security and into the building, which occupies a full city block.

Morrison represents the families of Louie and Lefiti, and of two other men who were shot but lived. He also filed complaints on behalf of four people who were injured as they fled the gunfire, and 24 who say they were traumatized by the violence.

All nine lawsuits cite premises liability and name as defendants United Parcel Service, Universal Protection Service LP dba Allied Universal Security Services, and building owner Valacal Co.

The Louie and Lefiti complaints also seek damages for wrongful death and survival.

A media representative for UPS was not available for comment Wednesday.

Morrison is with Jones Clifford in San Francisco. As for damages, he said, “We want to make sure that our clients get the resources needed to rebuild their lives.”

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