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Top CNS stories for today including President Barack Obama warning Russia that it will face consequences for election hacking; a political power struggle grips North Carolina; scientists find “abundant” water ice in asteroid belt; researchers find that suicidal thoughts are common among U.S. pilots, and more.

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1.) Obama Warns Russia Will Face Consequences for Election Hacking

President Barack Obama said Friday he warned Russian President Vladimir Putin in September that Russia would face “serious consequences” if it continued trying to influence the U.S. election.

2.) Political Power Struggle Grips North Carolina

Republican lawmakers in North Carolina remained unbowed Friday in their quest to strip power from the incoming Democratic governor despite public opposition and statehouse protests  that have led to more than 40 arrests over the past two days.

3.) Attorney David Friedman to Be Ambassador to Israel

President-elect Donald Trump Thursday selected attorney David Friedman to serve as his next ambassador to Israel, doubling down on his calls to move the U.S. embassy in the country to Jerusalem.

4.) Take a Number & Wait: Calif. DMV Tells Uber to Halt Driverless-Car Plan

The California Department of Motor Vehicles on Thursday ordered Uber to remove its driverless cars from the streets of San Francisco or face legal action.

5.) ‘Abundant’ Water Ice Found in Asteroid Belt

A rocky dwarf planet with mysterious bright spots could have water ice hidden in shadowy crater floors, according to NASA studies that also analyzed images of dark pockets that might conceal ice volcanoes.

6.)  Oil Standoff Pits Chevron Against Monterey County

Chevron, energy companies and a school district sued Monterey County this week, challenging a law voters approved on Nov. 8 that bans hydraulic fracturing and limits oil production in the coastal county.

7.) Suicidal Thoughts Common Among US Pilots

Researchers have just given nervous flyers another reason to be worried about their upcoming flights: Hundreds of pilots actively flying commercial planes may be clinically depressed or have thoughts of suicide.

8.) Appeals Court Revives Bias Charge Against CNN

A California appeals court reversed an anti-SLAPP motion against a 51-year-old black and Latino CNN correspondent fired for alleged plagiarism, calling it a private employment matter rather than suppression of CNN’s First Amendment rights.

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