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Top CNS stories for today including Donald Trump’s nominee for defense secretary, Gen. James Mattis, telling a Senate hearing that Russia is still a threat; the Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act gets underway in the Senate; California Gov. Jerry Brown’s spending proposal includes a modest raise for state courts, and more.

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1.) Mattis Casts Russia as Threat at Senate Hearing

Facing mild questions at a Senate hearing to confirm his nomination as defense secretary, Gen. James Mattis worked Thursday to assuage NATO allies worried about Moscow’s threat to break the post-World War II North Atlantic alliance.

2.) Giuliani to Advise Trump on Cybersecurity Threats

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will advise President-elect Donald Trump on cybersecurity developments, Trump’s transition team announced Thursday.

3.) Obamacare Repeal Underway in Senate

Early Thursday morning Senate Republicans took the first step toward their eight-year dream of rolling back the federal health care law, approving a budget resolution instructing committees to start crafting a repeal bill by the end of the month.

4.) Budget Plan Gives Modest Raise to California Courts

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday unveiled a cautious spending proposal that would add $35.4 million in new funding to support California’s trial courts.

5.) New Probable-Cause Hearing for Chris Christie

Shaking up the fight to get New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie indicted over a traffic jam created in his name, a judge called Thursday for a new municipal court hearing.

6.)  Railway Fights to Expand in Columbia River Gorge

Union Pacific Railroad says local land rules don’t apply to its expansion project in the Columbia River Gorge, the site of a fiery train derailment last year, and sued commissioners who are trying to block it.

7.) Feds Say Florida Routinely Violates Disabled Inmates Rights

The U.S. Justice Department has intervened in a lawsuit against the Florida Department of Corrections over alleged systematic violations of disabled prisoners’ rights.

8.) New York A.G. Pushes Free Birth Control

Days before President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman introduced new legislation to protect New Yorkers’ access to free contraception if the Affordable Care Act is repealed.


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