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Top CNS stories for today including a federal judge skewering Wells Fargo at a hearing on the bank’s phony-account scandal; a tiny Texas spider that has thwarted developers for decades has its protected status extended; a new study by a Chicago-based think tank confirms more money buys more House votes, and more.

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1.) In National news a federal judge appeared skeptical of Wells Fargo’s claim that its board of directors was unaware of the scope of the phony accounts scandal that already has cost the bank more than $300 million in penalties for the misconduct.

2.) President Donald Trump asked a federal judge Friday to dismiss two supporters’ counterclaims that he inspired them to attack three protesters at a campaign rally.

3.) A new study by a Chicago-based think tank asks the question “How much money must you spend to buy a vote in the House of Representatives?” The answer: The more you’re willing to spend, the more votes you’ll buy.

4.) The conservationist group Oceana is calling on the United States to do more to protect the overfished dusky shark 11 years after National Marine Fisheries Service recognized that it is in significant peril.

5.) In Regional News, a tiny blind arachnid, the Bone Cave harvestman spider, found only in limestone caves of central Texas and for decades a bane of area developers, has had its protected status extended by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

6.) As the Legislature considers lifting Oregon’s 32-year-old ban on rent control, tenants’ rights advocates and developers gathered this week to debate affordable housing in Portland, the nation’s hottest housing market.

7.) On the International scene, the European Commission on Friday approved France’s financial support of three renewable-energy schemes that will eventually produce 17 gigawatts of clean electricity – enough to power nearly 12 million homes.

7.) And finally, if you’re looking for a way to make progress at the gym, experts suggest swearing out loud before each exercise.

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