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Top CNS stories for today including Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch pledging to be a “servant” of the Constitution as he’s sworn in during a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden; Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley is poised to resign in the wake of a sex scandal involving a former aide; new images from space capture the explosive birth of new stars; greens fight a plan to drastically cut water releases to California’s Santa Ana River, and more.

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1.) Justice Gorsuch Pledges to be ‘Servant’ of the Constitution

Justice Neil Gorsuch thanked his former law clerks, family and friends on Monday as he was sworn into the Supreme Court during a White House ceremony.

 2.) Array Captures Fireworks From Stellar Collision

The violent and explosive nature of star births has been captured in new images of a cloud of gas hundreds of times more massive than the sun, the aftermath of two heavenly bodies striking each other.

 3.) Alabama Gov. Bentley to Resign in Wake of Sex Scandal

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley will reportedly resign Monday rather than face impeachment proceedings over charges that he abused his authority to cover up an extramarital affair with a top aide.

 4.) Greens Fight Plan for SoCal’s Santa Ana River

Two environmental groups challenged San Bernardino’s plan to drastically cut water releases to the Santa Ana River, claiming it will hurt endangered wildlife species and their habitats.

 5.) Toxic Cleanup Fight Hits Montana High Court

Does a federal law intended to help people clean up polluted areas stop those same people from using state laws to take the cleanup a step or two further? That’s what the Montana Supreme Court will decide after hearing oral arguments Friday in a fight over the cleanup of two communities tainted by arsenic.

 6.) Illinois Judge Shot Dead Outside His Home

A Cook County judge was murdered outside his home in the early morning hours Monday in what detectives say might have been an attempted robbery.

 7.) Judge Says Dakota Access Pipeline Firms Can Shield Route Information

A federal judge ruled Friday that Dakota Access LLC can shield sensitive information about infrastructure routes of its controversial oil pipeline to protect it from would be terrorists and nefarious actors.

 8.) Kimberly-Clark Vows Fight of $454M Verdict

Kleenex maker Kimberly-Clark said Monday it would challenge a $454 million jury verdict that found it liable for claiming its surgical gowns protected against blood-borne diseases including Ebola and HIV.

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