Nightly Brief

Top CNS stories for today including the California judiciary taking bids for e-filing managers; the Senate Intelligence Committee asks the public to be patient as it wades into the morass of Russian interference in the 2016 election; researchers conclude dust from the Gobi Desert in Asia is crucial to the survival of the giant sequoias in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains; retailers score at Supreme Court on credit card fees, and more.

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1.) California Judiciary Taking Bids for E-Filing Managers

As California moves to modernize the way cases are filed and stored in its courts, the judiciary has opened the field of competition to companies that are vying to electronically fill jobs formerly done by clerks at the filing counter.

2.) Senate Intel Panel Asks for Patience As Inquiry Begins

One day before the committee hosts its first public hearing on its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee asked for public patience with its inquiry.

3.) Anti-Abortion Videotaper Charged With 15 Felonies

California’s attorney general issued a warrant Tuesday for the arrest of anti-abortion activist David Daleiden and charged him with 15 felony counts for secretly recording 14 people affiliated with Planned Parenthood and conspiring to invade their privacy.

4.) Gobi Desert Dust Nourishing California’s Sequoias

Dust from the Gobi Desert in Asia is crucial to the survival of the giant sequoias in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, half a world away.

5.) Retailers Score at Supreme Court on Credit Card Fees

In a narrow holding that could still shake up banking practices around the country, the Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that retailers have a free-speech case concerning their right to impose credit card surcharges.

6.) Separated for 800 Days, Yemeni Family Sues Trump

A couple trying to whisk their children out of war-torn Yemen have joined the stream of litigation over President Donald Trump’s ban on immigrants from certain Muslim-majority countries.

7.) Seventh Circuit Takes Up Transgender Bathroom Case

In oral arguments Wednesday, the Seventh Circuit was highly skeptical of a Wisconsin school district’s insistence that sex be defined by what is listed on a child’s birth certificate and repeatedly compared its strict bathroom segregation policy to Jim Crow laws.

8.) Deportation Fears Rally Communities in Houston

Alarmed by the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement policies that make no distinction between hardened criminals and hardworking parents, a Houston group is giving the undocumented tools to avoid being deported.

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