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Top CNS stories for today including the Supreme Court curtailing the president’s power to temporarily fill vacant government posts while nominations are tied up in partisan political fights; a California lawmaker unveils plans to make state college free by taxing the state’s millionaires; Oregon fishermen tell a federal judge that the federal government has let them down by taking steps  that endanger the state’s scenic rivers; the healthcare reform bill gets a tune-up as the House barrels to vote, and more.

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1.) High Court Limits President’s Power to Fill Temporary Posts

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday curtailed the president’s power to temporarily fill vacant government posts while nominations are tied up in partisan political fights.

 2.) Free College? Tax Millionaires, Calif. Lawmaker Says

With California State University trustees plotting to raise tuition for the first time in six years, a state lawmaker on Monday announced a plan to make state college free by taxing California millionaires.

 3.) Oregon Fishermen Say Uncle Sam Let Them Down

The U.S. government thinned forests and plans dam work that will harm fisheries on nine wild and scenic rivers in Oregon rather than protect them, two fishermen’s groups told a federal judge.

 4.) Health Care Bill Gets Tune-Up as House Barrels to Vote

No longer appearing to distance himself from bill meant to replace the federal health care law, President Donald Trump began meeting with House Republicans Tuesday to whip up party support.

 5.) High Court Signals Defeat for Xbox 360 Gamers

A group of gamers trying to hold Microsoft liable for their scratched-up Xbox 360 discs may have run out of lives Tuesday at Supreme Court oral argument.

 6.) Texas Leads Fight Against Endangered Songbird

The golden-cheeked warbler, a migratory songbird whose loss of habitat landed it on the endangered species list a generation ago, has been targeted by a Texas group that’s fixin’ to sue the United States to delist the bird.

 7.) Austin, but not Texas, Resists Immigration Holds

Texas’ top politicians have led the fight against undocumented immigration — except in Travis County, home of Austin, which declined more immigration holds recently than any other county in the country, the Department of Homeland Security said Monday.

 8.) Ninth Circuit Rejects Appeals to Dirty Power Plant

The Ninth Circuit on Monday rejected the Hopi and Navajo tribes’ challenges to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s plans to reduce emissions at one of the nation’s dirtiest power plants.

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