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Top CNS stories for today including The White House imposing sanctions and expelling 35 Russians over 2016 election hacks; the full 9th Circuit agrees to rehear a gun store zoning fight; a judge refuses to block San Francisco’s ban on police chock holds, and more.

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1.) White House Imposes Sanctions, Expels 35 Russians Over Hacking

President Barack Obama on Thursday struck back at Russia over its trying to influence the 2016 presidential election, imposing sanctions on Russian’s two main intelligence agencies and tossing 35 Russian intelligence officials and operatives out of the country.

2.) Full 9th Circuit to Hear Gun Store Zoning Fight

The full Ninth Circuit agreed to rehear a challenge of Alameda County’s effort to enforce a zoning restriction that prohibits gun stores within 500 feet of residential areas.

3.) Judge Won’t Block San Francisco Ban Against Police Chokeholds

A judge Tuesday refused to block a new policy that bars San Francisco police from shooting at moving vehicles or using chokeholds.

4.) Feds Slam Louisiana Town for Routine Illegal Arrests

The Justice Department says police in a small Louisiana town routinely arrested and placed hundreds of residents in jail without probable cause based on a “hunch” or “feeling” that they were involved in criminal activity.

5.) Pseudo-First Responder Loses Press-Rights Battle

Ruling against a photographer who impersonated a first responder at a New Hampshire crime scene, the First Circuit said that the state trooper has immunity for seizing the man’s camera.

6.)  Escher Collector Fights Licensing Monopoly

A leading collector of works by Maurits Cornelis Escher claims in a federal complaint that the licensing arm for the late Dutch artist is trying to put competitors out of business.

7.) Judge Orders Psych Evaluation of Church Gunman

A federal judge on Thursday ordered a new competency exam for convicted Charleston church gunman Dylann Roof, who faced the death penalty for killing nine black members of the Emanuel AME Church in 2015.

8.) Torture Report Preserved for Guantanamo Detainee

At the request of the man charged with masterminding the 2000 bombing of USS Cole, a federal judge on Wednesday ordered a copy of the Senate torture report to be kept under seal.

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