Nightly Brief

     The day’s top stories from Courthouse News in short takes with links.
     1.) At Least 77 Confirmed Dead After Bastille Day Attack in Nice, France
     At least 77 people are believed dead and 50 have been injured after a large truck drove into a crowd of people who had gathered Thursday night for a Bastille Day fireworks show in Nice, France.
     2.) Fired Aide Sues Trump to Stop $10 Million Arbitration Demand
     Donald Trump’s former political consultant Sam Nunberg sued Trump’s campaign committee in New York Tuesday, to stay an “unauthorized arbitration” demanding $10 million from Nunberg, who ditched the mogul in favor of Sen. Ted Cruz.
     3.) Warrant on Microsoft’s Irish Servers Quashed
     Microsoft’s servers in Ireland are safe from a U.S. search warrant after a Second Circuit ruling Thursday hailed as a victory for global-privacy advocates.
     4.) Utah Ordered to Fund Planned Parenthood
     Federal dollars may continue to flow to Planned Parenthood of Utah, the 10th Circuit ruled on Tuesday, voiding Gov. Gary Herbert’s order to block $275,000 in contracts after the release of purported undercover videos by a California anti-abortion group.
     5.) Media Say Trump Won’t Suffer if Video Depositions Are Unsealed
     A host of media outlets took Donald Trump to task in Federal Court Wednesday, arguing he cannot prove he will be harmed or prejudiced if they win their push for the release of his deposition videos in the Trump University class action saga.
     6.) Egyptian Museum Unveils Oldest Papyrus
     The Egyptian Museum in Cairo on Thursday began putting on display the country’s oldest papyruses, which date back 4,500 years, detailing the daily life of the pyramid-builders.
      7.) Milwaukee Must Defend Claim Over Rape by Cop
     The city of Milwaukee and others will have to explain their failure to properly discipline a police officer for serial sexual misconduct before he committed the rape while on the job that eventually landed him in jail, a federal judge ruled.
      8.) Fatal Truck Ejection Was no Crash, Court Rules
     Spelling the reversal of a hit-and-run conviction, the Florida Supreme Court found that a driver whose passenger vaulted out of his vehicle and suffered fatal injuries cannot be said to have “crashed.”

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