NFL Player’s Ex-Wife Blames Bank for Stalking

     DEDHAM, Mass. (CN) – The ex-wife of former Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Greg Spires claims in court that her bank released her private financial records, allowing Spires to stalk and harass her.
     Dara Spires says in a Norfolk Superior Court lawsuit that the Tremont Credit Union carelessly provided her ex-husband with unredacted financial records without her knowledge.
     The former defensive end was able to use the financial records to track her daily habits, which allowed him to harass her and those she interacted with on a daily basis, she claims.
     “The unauthorized release of these records has allowed Mr. Spires to learn Ms. Spires’ daily habits and the identities of virtually all of the people in her life with whom she has had any financial dealings since opening her account at Tremont, which in turn has enabled him to accelerate his harassment of Ms. Spires, forcing her and her minor child to physically relocate,” the nine-page complaint states.
     In November, 2015, the former football player allegedly sent a subpoena to the Tremont Credit Union seeking the financial records as part of an ongoing child support dispute between the former couple in probate court. The subpoena was not notarized, nor was it signed by a court official or attorney, according to the Aug. 4 lawsuit.
     Spires says she was never notified about the records release, and only found out after her ex-husband sent her partial copies of the records.
     According to the complaint, the financial records allowed Greg Spires to learn where his daughter was attending school, which resulted in him calling the school and demanding to speak with his daughter, almost causing the school to go into lock down.
     He also allegedly called numerous businesses that his ex-wife frequents, such as her lawn service and hair dresser, and told them to not take any checks from her, because “she is a thief.”
     Since then, the plaintiff moved again and the probate court has agreed to impound her new address.
     Earlier this year, the Quincy District Court ordered Greg Spires to stay away from his ex-wife and her home after allegedly sending a threatening text message to her, according to a Boston Globe report.
     He spent three seasons with the New England Patriots and a season with the Cleveland Browns before landing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His career with the Bucs lasted from 2002 to 2007, including a Super Bowl win in 2003.
     During his time with Tampa Bay, he divorced his wife amid allegations of domestic abuse.
     Tremont Credit Union did not respond Wednesday to voicemail requests for comment on the lawsuit.
     Spires seeks an unspecified amount of damages for allegations of negligence, invasion of privacy and deceptive trade practices. She is represented by Emily Smith-Lee of SLN Law in Sharon, Mass.

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