New Energy Standards for Drink Vending Machines

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Cold beverages dispensed from refrigerated vending machines will cost less to cool according to new standards proposed by the Department of Energy that will increase the electrical efficiency of new machines.

     The 2.5 million such machines in use in the United States consume approximately 7.5 billion kWh per year. This equipment costs American businesses nearly $600 million annually to power. The DOE believes that number will go down as the new standards are applied to new machines. By 2042, DOE expects energy savings from the standards to save about $489 million a year.
     These energy savings will result in cumulative greenhouse gas emission reductions of approximately 9.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide an amount equal to that produced by 2 million cars every year.
     On a machine by machine basis, fully cooled medium-capacity vending machines-the most common type currently being sold-have installed prices of $2,625 and annual energy costs of $188, respectively at national average values. To meet the new standards, DOE estimates that the installed prices of such equipment will be $2,864, an increase of $239, which will be offset by annual energy savings of approximately $69 and an increase in maintenance and repair cost of $13.

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