NetSpend Warns Of Internet Fraud

     AUSTIN (CN) – NetSpend, which sells prepaid credit cards supporting Master Card and Visa debit cards, says that on March 1 someone began sending fraudulent emails to its customers, falsely claiming that their All-Access Visa Debit Cards had been deactivated, and telling them to call a number to reactivate them. It’s a scam, NetSpend says.
     NetSpend says the fraudulent message tells customers “to call ‘our Customer Service by dialing 1-98-NETSPEND (1-866-532-7148),’ which is a phone number that is neither owned nor operated by NetSpend, to reactivate their credit cards.”
     Victims who called the number got a voice message demanding their card number and PIN number, which the defendants used to steal money from the accounts, NetSpend says.
     NetSpend says the unknown defendants obtained the toll-free phone number included in the fraudulent emails from Ring Central Inc., which refuses to give NetSpend any information about the defendants. NetSpend, which says it processes billions of dollars in payments, wants to know who’s doing this.

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