Naked Bicyclists to Ride Through|San Diego in Protest Against Oil

     SAN DIEGO (CN) – San Diego’s “threats and admonishments” will not deter people from their “San Diego Naked Bicycle Ride,” in which adults will “strip naked, paint slogans on their bodies, and ride bicycles along a 10-mile route between Hillcrest and Downtown San Diego to protest petroleum-based transportation systems and technology,” the organizer insists, in Federal Court. The ride is planned for 5-7 p.m. on Saturday, June 12.

     Sarah Bush filed a bare bones, 3-page complaint on behalf of herself and her fellows.
     “The protest does not contain any violence, sexual activity, or pose any danger to anyone whatsoever,” Bush says.
     Nonetheless, she says, despite meeting, with her attorney, with “several representatives from the City of San Diego,” the city and its Police Department “have clearly stated that the defendants will not allow plaintiff and other protestors to be completely nude and will enforce the CODE against them.”
     Bush claims “Defendant’s threats and admonishments to prosecute plaintiff and other protesters are a clear violation of both federal and state constitutional protections and violate the Civil Rights Act of 1871.”
     Bush says the “threats and admonishments are creating a chilling effect,” which, presumably, would be exacerbated by offshore breezes.
     She wants the city and its police force enjoined from enforcing the nudity ordinance, which would deter others “from participating in the protest because they are afraid of being prosecuted.”
     She wants the nudity code overturned as constitutionally overbroad, plus costs, and “other relief as this court deems just and proper.”
     She sued the city, its Police Department, and Police Chief William Lansdowne.
     She is represented by Mitch Wallis.

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