Mom Says School Killed 7th Grader|Through Forced ‘Suicide’ Sprints

     DALLAS (CN) – A mother says the Dallas Independent School District killed her obese seventh-grade son by forcing him to do “suicide” sprints because he had talked out of turn. The mom says the school had on file his medical history of heart problems, and that his P.E. teacher refused his request to stop, and that she was talking on her cell phone during the “suicides.”

     Jonathan Neri Hernandez was 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed 240 lbs., his mother says. The complaint in Dallas County Court cites his medical history, on file with Browne Middle School, which states that Jonathan’s physician had restricted his participation in sports for heart problems, that he previously had passed out during or after exercise, and that he had a family history of heart problems.
     His mom sued Jonathan’s P.E. teacher, Karen Lacy. She says Lacy denied Jonathan rest or water and ignored his classmates’ complaints of his deteriorating condition.
     The mom is represented by Moise Hernandez of Edinburg.

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