Model Says Guess? Co-CEO Is a Masher

LOS ANGELES (CN) – A model for Guess? says co-CEO Paul Marciano tried to force himself on her, then reduced her hours when she rejected him. And she says Guess? made and sold molds of her naked torso to vendors without her permission.

     Lindsey Ring says her “perfect figure” helped her beat out hundreds of other models in 2006 to become Guess?’s “fit model.” A fit model works with designers to size clothes.
     Marciano “would run his hands up and down her breasts and her buttocks,” and would “lean in close to her and whisper that he wanted to ‘take her right there,'” Ring claims in Superior Court.
     Ring says she was afraid to speak up because Marciano “had a reputation as an abusive and belligerent boss who would terminate employees at the drop of a hat.”
     Ring says Marciano lured her into a warehouse in December 2008, turned out the light and tried to kiss her on her mouth but she broke free.
     When she complained to her supervisor, Ring says she was told, “This is not the first time this has happened with Mr. Marciano.” Then, she says, her hours were reduced.
     She says she feared Marciano would assault her, so she quit in February 2009.
     She says the sexual harassment and retaliation caused her “sleeplessness, anxiety, tension, depression and humiliation.”
     After she left, Ring says, she learned that a replica of her torso, created from a computer scan of her body, was being sold to vendors around the world as the “Lindsey Form,” for $3,500 apiece, or more.
     “This use of her naked body is a further invasion of her privacy and person by Guess?, Inc.,” the lawsuit states. Ring says the misappropriation of her likeness caused her to suffer “mental anguish and emotional distress.”
     She seeks damages for lost wages and benefits and medical bills.
     She is represented by Dan Stormer with Hadsell and Stormer of Pasadena.

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