Miss Manners Needed in Aisle 7

OLYMPIA, Wash. (CN) – After a Lowe’s customer told an employee she “did not have all day” to wait for him to check the price of an item, he knocked her down and beat her until her husband pulled him off, the unhappy customer says.

     In her complaint in Thurston County Court, Vicky Means claims that the clerk, Michael Marzano, suffers from disabilities and was not properly supervised.
     “Defendant Lowes, upon Plaintiff’s information and belief, gave defendant Michael Marzano, more responsibility than he was capable of accepting, which led to the assault and battery. He also should not have been expected and directed to interact with customers,” the complaint states.
     Means and her husband seek damages for assault, battery and negligence. They are represented by George Steele of Shelton, Wash.

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