Middleweight Fighter Cites Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act in Suing His Promoter

     MEMPHIS (CN) – Fernando Guerrero, the world’s 11th-ranked middleweight boxer, claims his promoter Prize Fight Promotions violated the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act by not telling him how much it makes from his fights.
     Guerrero is 21-1 with 16 knockouts. The North American Boxing Federation named him Fighter of the Year this year.
     Guerrero says in his federal complaint that the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act was “enacted for the express purpose of protecting professional boxers like Fernando Guerrero from the exploitive practices of boxing promoters.”
     The Act requires that before promoters such as Prize Fight get paid, they must tell the boxer how much it will be paid for the fight.
     “In the absence of providing required financial disclosures to Fernando Guerrero, Prize Fight is prohibited by the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act from receiving consideration for a Fernando Guerrero bout,” the complaint states.
     Guerrero claims Prize Fight did not tell him how much money it was making off him on multiple occasions, including two fights that were broadcast on ESPN 2: one against Grady Brewer and the other against Derrick Findley.
     “Although not required by law, Mr. Guerrero’s representatives requested disclosures of the information required under the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, but Prize Fight has refused to provide the information,” the complaint states.
     Guerrero Prize Fight’s hardheadedness made him decide to terminate his agreement with it. But he says it will not let him go and insists it has the exclusive right to schedule and promote his boxing matches.
     Guerrero disagrees: “Prize Fight is seeking to preclude Mr. Guerrero from accepting any offers to participate in a professional boxing match – his primary source of income – unless Prize Fight can arrange or otherwise profit from Mr. Guerrero’s boxing,” the complaint states.
     Guerrero seeks declaratory relief, freeing him from his agreement with Prize Fight, and statutory penalties.
     He accuses Prize Fight of violating the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, breach of contract and breach of good faith.
     He is represented by Adam Baldridge with Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz.

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