Michael Jackson Doc Files|Libel Suit Against 2d M.D.

     LOS ANGELES – A Beverly Hills dermatologist sometimes called the “king of collagen” has sued another celebrity doctor for allegedly falsely implicating him in the death of Michael Jackson, the king of pop.

     Arnold W. Klein claims in Superior Court that Steven Hoefflin told an interviewer that Dr. Conrad Murray, who had been attending Jackson just before the singer’s death, “counted on Klein to be the source of Propofol.” A Los Angeles County Coroner’s report listed “acute propofol intoxication” as a cause of Jackson’s death.
     Hoefflin allegedly had been claiming he was an authorized spokesman for Jackson’s mother, Katherine.
     “Interestingly, Katherine Jackson’s lawyer indicated Hoefflin was not authorized to speak no her behalf,” the complaint states.
     Hoefflin allegedly “intended to thrust Dr. Klein into the media frenzy” surrounding Jackson’s death “in an effort to damage Dr. Klein’s reputation and divert Dr. Klein’s clients away.”
     The complaint states that the two doctors shared some clients and were “competitors in a highly specialized and elite field which caters to a very exclusive clientele.”
     The complaint was filed by Richard Charnley, Bradly Boyer and Saundra Wootton of Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley.

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