Men Who Sued City Over Alleged Officer Assaults Settle Lawsuits

(CN) – Two men who claim they were assaulted with a stun gun by former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager have settled their lawsuits with the city for $80,000.

Slager was later arrested and charged with murdering unarmed black motorist Walter Scott during a traffic stop. He is currently awaiting trial on federal charges stemming from the incident and a retrial on state murder charges.

Mario Givens, Jerome Stanley and Julius Wilson filed separate complaints against the city and the former officer after Slager was arrested in connection with Scott’s death.

They each claimed Slager used excessive force on them when he shot them with a stun gun in separate incidents that took place in 2013 and 2014.

Givens, who alleged Slager used a stun gun on him when he was mistaken for a burglary suspect, reportedly settled his lawsuit for $27,500.

Stanley claimed he was sleeping in his car rather than driving home because he had been drinking when Slager pulled him from the vehicle and used a stun gun on him when he resisted arrest.

Although Stanley was convicted on a charge of resisting arrest, he settled his lawsuit against the City of North Charleston for $50,000 earlier this month.

Wilson, the first to file an abuse complaint, claims he was struck on his back with a stun gun during a struggle with Slager that ensued after a traffic stop. Wilson’s attorneys and the city are reportedly still negotiating a settlement agreement.

Slager’s attorney Andy Savage, is seeking to bar any mention of the recent settlements in the former officer’s upcoming trials, arguing they misrepresent his client’s character and will bias the juries against him.

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