Masseur Accuses Travolta of Sex Attack

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – A male masseur alleges in Federal Court that John Travolta sexually battered him at a Beverly Hills bungalow earlier this year, before launching into a bizarre rant about how Hollywood is run by “homosexual Jewish men” who expect sexual favors from young actors.
     The anonymous man, who filed as ‘John Doe,’ says that in January he received a call from an “unidentified male” – who may or may not have been Travolta – requesting massage services.
     Doe, who says he runs his own business through personal ads, says that Travolta picked him up in a black Lexus SUV – in which there were allegedly condoms in the console, and according to the complaint: “two or three wrappers from chocolate cake packages on the floor.”
     The man claims that Travolta drove him to his bungalow close to the Beverly Hills Hotel where an “overweight black man” was preparing hamburgers.
     Travolta (the only named defendant) then “shamelessly stripped naked in front of plaintiff, and the ‘chef’ and was gazing at plaintiff as he appeared to be semi-erect,” the complaint states. “Plaintiff asked defendant to lie face down and to drape himself with a towel. Defendant started muttering to himself something along the lines of ‘he wants me to get on the table,’ ‘can you believe that? He wants me to get on the table.'”
     Doe says that the chef was present for the first hour of the massage. During that time, the “Saturday Night Fever” and “Pulp Fiction” star “kept purposely sliding the towel down that covered his buttocks to reveal about half of gluteus area,” Doe claims.
     The lawsuit says: “(R)ight before the hour ended defendant’s chronograph watch started to chime, and the black chef covered the burgers, and other things he was preparing with plates. The black chef then left the room with a stack of papers, and what appears to be some sort of notebook. No words were exchanged.”
     With the chef gone, Travolta then rubbed Doe’s leg and touched his scrotum, according to the complaint. At that point, the masseur says, he told Travolta not to touch him again.
     The lawsuit states: “Defendant [Travolta] apologized, but then snickered to himself like a mischievous child. Defendant then touched the shaft of plaintiff’s penis, and seized on to it. Defendant quickly tried to rub the head of plaintiff’s penis as he tried to pull away. This was painful and uncomfortable. Defendant started to apologize for his behavior; and tried to imply that they ‘must have gotten our signals crossed,’ and that he thought that plaintiff ‘wanted the same thing he did.’ Plaintiff explained that he did not have sex with his clients, and that expecting sexual situations when people are providing paid services was essentially prostitution. Defendant then tried to act like it was a simple misunderstanding.”
     Travolta then suggested that they trade places so he could massage Doe, the complaint states.
     After Doe refused, Travolta allegedly said: “Come on dude, I’ll jerk you off!!!”
     Doe then allegedly tried to leave but says that Travolta assured him that he would behave appropriately, and placed a towel on his lap – giving Doe “confidence that his [Travolta’s] predatory behavior was finally under control.”
     “Defendant asked plaintiff to work on his shoulders, and plaintiff followed his request with a professional deep tissue massage on his shoulders,” the complaint states. “Defendant then said, ‘Say something nice to me.’ Plaintiff tried to ignore what defendant said, and was hoping to conclude this session. Plaintiff looked at defendant, who had removed his draping and was masturbating. Sweat was pouring down defendant’s neck, and he asked plaintiff again to say something nice to him.”
     Doe says he then moved away from Travolta who then “lumbered to his feet” and moved towards the masseur “with erect penis bouncing around with his stride.”
     The lawsuit continues: “Defendant began screaming at plaintiff, telling plaintiff how selfish he was; that defendant got where he is now due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his ‘Welcome Back Kotter’ days; and that Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity. Defendant then went on to say how he had done things in his past that would make most people throw up.
     “Defendant explained when he started that he wasn’t even gay and that the taste of ‘cum’ would make him gag. Defendant also said that he was smart enough to learn to enjoy it, and when he began to make millions of dollars, that it all became well worth it.
     “Defendant further explained that the high-class in this world always favor same sex relationships; that sex with beautiful, fit men is actually more intense; and if plaintiff would just be open minded enough to let it happen, he would experience the best fucking of his life,” the complaint states.
     Doe says that even after he threatened to call the police, Travolta suggested they might be able to have “three-way sex” with a Hollywood actress in the same building.
     “Defendant said they could have that later, but first they needed to have sex together first before calling her, so this way they would be in-sync with each other sexually,” the complaint states. “Defendant told plaintiff that he had Hollywood looks, but just needed to lose some weight and learn to lick some ‘ass’, and then plaintiff would be ready to make millions and be famous.”
     When Doe threatened to call the police again, the lawsuit claims, Travolta finally relented and took the masseur back to the same place he was picked up.
     “During this ride, defendant repeatedly called plaintiff ‘selfish’ and a ‘loser,’ and gave plaintiff double what he was owed. This was $800.00 instead of the $400.00 that defendant was supposed to pay plaintiff for the two hours of massage time spent,” the complaint states.
     Doe is represented by Okorie Okorocha with California Legal Team of Pasadena, Calif. He filed suit for assault, sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
     Neither the law firm nor Travolta’s publicist immediately responded to emailed requests for comment.

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