Marathon to Pay $2.9M |to Settle Emissions Case

     WASHINGTON, D.C. (CN) – The Marathon Petroleum Corporation will pay $2.9 million to settle charges it sold gasoline that did not comply with Clean Air Act standards.
     The settlement agreement with federal regulators also requires Marathon to reduce air pollution at distribution terminals in three states.
     Many of the violations addressed by the decree were self-reported by the company, the government said in a press release.
     The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Justice alleged Marathon sold 12 million gallons of gasoline with elevated levels of ethanol, produced over 350 million gallons of gas that did not meet Clean Air Act standards, and produced over 40 million gallons of gas with elevated sulfur levels.
     The terminals affected by the agreement are located in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, and were not included in the government’s allegations.
     Assistant Attorney General John Cruden said, “The changes required by this settlement will positively impact air quality in communities across the Midwest.”
     The consent decree, filed in the Toledo, Ohio Federal Court, provides for the installation of geodesic domes on numerous gasoline tanks in all three states, while also requiring Marathon to allow EPA inspectors into the facilities at any time.
     According to a release by the DOJ, “Marathon is also required to use innovative pollutant detection technology during the implementation of the environmental mitigation projects … [and] will use an infrared gas-imaging camera to inspect the fuel storage tanks in order to identify potential defects that may cause excessive emissions. If defects are found, Marathon will conduct up-close inspections and perform repairs where necessary.”

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