Man Says New Mexico Cops Held Him For A Month On Bogus Charges

    ALBUQUERQUE (CN) – Valencia County Sheriff officers arrested a man and imprisoned him for 32 days on charges of being a child molester, though the man they sought had a different name and the officers had the plaintiff’s military ID, Texas ID, and Social Security card, the man claims in Federal Court.
Ralph Juarez says he pulled into a parking lot that was a crime scene, and officers arrested him at gunpoint, after seeing his ID, and held him for 32 days on charges that he was actually named Jose Navarro. He says it took them 32 days to get Navarro’s mug shot, upon which he was released. He sues the county, its sheriff, and
Officers Mike Holley, Mark Lujan, and Shannon Brady for negligence and constitutional violations. He is represented by Paul Kennedy.

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