Man In For A Circumcision Says|Doctor Amputated His Penis

     SHELBYVILLE, KY. (CN) – A doctor amputated a man’s penis though the man wanted only a circumcision, and the doctor understood his wishes, the man claims in Shelby County Court. He sued Dr. John M. Patterson of Frankfort, who allegedly performed the surgery, Commonwealth Urology, and the doctor who administered general anesthesia, also allegedly without the patient’s consent.

     “Dr. Patterson received consent from Phillip (the plaintiff) to perform a circumcision and only a circumcision,” the complaint states. “Phillip did not consent to allowed Dr. Patterson to remove his penis and specifically advised Dr. Patterson that he did not want him to remove anything but the foreskin on his penis. Despite having no consent to remove his penis and despite being advised by Phillip that he did not want him to remove any part of his penis other than the foreskin, Dr. Patterson removed the penis. The surgery was not an emergency …”
     The plaintiff claims Dr. Oliver C. James administered general anesthesia “without consent from Phillip and despite his knowledge that Phillip did not want to undergo the risk of general anesthesia” because he has sleep apnea. The complaint continues: “Because Dr. James changed the anesthesia to general anesthesia, he allowed Dr. Patterson to amputate Phillip’s penis. Without that change, the surgery would have ended and Phillip lost the opportunity to obtain a second opinion.”
     The plaintiff and his wife are represented by Kevin George of Louisville.

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