Man Claims Casino Stole His Winnings

     FRESNO, Calif. (CN) – A casino manager and security guards beat up a man and stole back the $18,000 he won fair and square playing cards, the man claims in court.
     Armando Rios sued Clovis 500 Club, its manager Louis G. Sarrantos, Code 3 Corp. Security and its employees Andrew Kinkaid and Robert Musso, in Superior Court.
     Rios claims Sarrantos saw him win $18,000 playing cards at the Clovis casino and told the pit boss aka “Doe 3,” that Rios had won big. It was a few minutes after 7 p.m. on Sept. 14, 2012.
     “At that time Doe 3 told Sarrantos to take all the chips that Rios won and not to allow Rios to leave the building until Sarrantos had removed all the chips from Rios,” the complaint states.
     Rios claims Sarrantos then rounded up Kincaid and Musso and told them to stop him from leaving until Sarrantos took away his chips.
     “At that time, Kincaid and Musso, along with Sarrantos, approached a table where Rios was playing cards. Chip trays containing Rios’s winnings were on the playing table, in front of Rios,” the complaint states.
     It continues: “Sarrantos grabbed the chip trays from Rios’s proximity. Rios held on to the trays and prevented Sarrantos from taking the trays from him.
     “Rios got up from the table and attempted to get to the cage where the chips could be exchanged for money.
     “At that time Kincaid and Musso assaulted Rios by hitting him and the chip trays, causing the chips to scatter on the casino floor.
     “Rios was never compensated for the value of the chips.
     “A short time later, Clovis police officers arrived and placed Rios into custody in the police car.
     “Upon questioning Kincaid admitted to the police officers that he did not witness Rios do anything illegal and did not have probable cause to detain Rios. Kincaid stated that the sole reason for arresting, detaining and assaulting Rios and taking away his winnings was on instruction from Sarrantos.”
     Rios claims that being “assaulted, beaten and robbed” made him lose all his money, injured his arms, back and neck and caused him to suffer severe “mental anguish and embarrassment.”
     He seeks compensatory and punitive damages for conspiracy, assault and battery, false imprisonment and negligence.
     He is represented by Yan E. Shrayberman.
     Clovis, pop. 93,000, is a northeast suburb of Fresno.

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