Man Claims He Was Assaulted by a Mannequin in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (CN) — In a lawsuit strange by any standard, even in Las Vegas, a man claims he was assaulted and permanently injured by a mannequin at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

In his May 15 lawsuit in Clark County Court, Kent Jacobs Boutwell says that during his stay at the casino on May 16, 2015, he entered a “darkened hotel room and was shocked and surprised by a human figure in the room.”

“Thinking there was a person in the room intending to harm him and scared for his safety, he was seriously injured when attempting to escape,” Boutwell says.

Too late, he says, he realized that the “human figure in his room was a mannequin in a locked glass cabinet displaying a life-sized ‘Miller Lite’ racing suit.”

He says the “life-sized human figure in a darkened room was a dangerous and/or hazardous condition.”

He says Planet Hollywood “intentionally placed a mannequin dressed in human clothing in the guest room assigned to plaintiff” and “created the situation that caused plaintiff to feel apprehension of harmful of offensive contact.”

The casino should have known the dressed mannequin created a dangerous condition and had a duty to warn him because “that condition was non-obvious.”

Boutwell says he suffered injuries to his “body, limbs, organs and nervous system,” while fleeing the locked and encased mannequin, and some injuries might be “permanent and disabling.”

Boutwell, of California, says he “reasonably believed that the human figure placed in the guest room by defendant would cause him bodily injury and harm,” and he suffered “great pain of body and mind.”

He accuses the casino-resort of wanton and reckless disregard of his rights and “willful, intentional, oppressive, malicious” conduct.

Boutwell seeks general and special damages for assault and negligence, medical expenses, lost earnings and attorney’s fees.

Caesars Entertainment, which owns the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, did not respond to an email request for comment Wednesday.

Boutwell’s attorney Richard Johnson did not elaborate on his client’s injuries and declined further comment.

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