Man Can Pursue Privacy Case Against Ex-Employer

     (CN) – The Missouri Court of Appeals revived a man’s claim that his former employer invaded his privacy by keeping his name listed as the company’s Web site registrant. As a result, Greg Meyerkord said he was inundated with complaints from consumer groups and bloggers who thought he still worked for Zipatoni Co.

     Greg Meyerkord registered Web sites for Zipatoni until 2003. His name was still listed as Zipatoni’s registrant in 2006, when the company registered the domain name for Sony’s promotion of its PlayStation Portable gaming device.
     Meyerkord was the target of complaints from consumer groups and bloggers based on his listing as Zipatoni’s registrant.
     The trial court had dismissed Meyerkord’s complaint for false light invasion of privacy, but Judge Dowd reversed the decision.
     “The questions of whether these allegations describe a major misrepresentation that would be highly offensive to a reasonable person are questions for a jury,” Dowd wrote.

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