Main Suspect in Danish Fraud Case to Leave South Africa

Danish national Britta Nielsen appears in the Randburg Magistrates Court in Johannesburg, Thursday, Nov. 8 2018. (AP Photo/Thembe Hadebe)

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — A South African court has ruled that a Danish woman suspected of a huge fraud at home, can be sent to Denmark.

The magistrate at Johannesburg’s Randburg court said Britta Nielsen will return to Denmark accompanied by a Danish police officer later Thursday.

Piet du Plessi, Nielsen’s attorney, told court that the 64-year-old Dane “is cooperating fully” with international and Danish authorities.

Nielsen is the main suspect in a fraud case that caused a Danish government welfare agency to lose at least 111 million kroner (about $17 million). In court, she sat quietly with her legs crossed, short hair dyed black, a cardigan over her arms and wearing sneakers.

Du Plessi read a statement saying Nielsen was willing to fly home, meaning no formal extradition was needed.

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