LL Cool J’s Daughter Says Realtor Stiffed Her

     MANHATTAN (CN) — Denied commissions on brokering deals, LL Cool J’s daughter claims in court that her realtor boss gave her the ax when she sought payment.
     Italia Smith took on real estate broker Judy Z. Etman with Judy Etman Realty on Wednesday in Nassau County Supreme Court.
     The rapper and actor’s daughter has been a licensed real estate broker since at least 2014.
     She connected with Etman to sell property, and the parties hammered out a deal wherein all commissions from Smith’s sales and rentals would be split equally, she says.
     She added that she sold at least 15 properties in New York City during her tenure.
     But she claims Etman leaned on her link to her famous father to seal deals, then never paid her.
     In one instance, a flip deal in the Bronx only moved forward when Etman made it known that Smith was LL Cool J’s daughter.
     Although Smith considers herself a competent salesperson, “defendant did not hesitate to exploit her indirect connection with a celebrity of such stature.”
     She points to a video Etman made to promote the sale of a $3 million brownstone in Harlem, which “prominently displays” a photo of the rapper on the realtor’s website in an effort to cull clients.
     Smith also says her bosses consistently paid her owed commissions late during her brief 18-month tenure, which ended this March.
     When Smith demanded her half-share of the sales she helped facilitate on at least two properties, she says Etman fired her.
     She never received $37,000 for the sale of a Manhattan property in Harlem, or her percentage of $30,000 for another property that totals a little more than $8,000.
     Her 11-page, tell-all lawsuit includes copies of emails between her and her bosses about how they promised to pony up. But they never did, she says.
     She demands at least $191,000 in damages on her six causes of action, which include breach of contract and conversion, and she wants an accounting on all alleged debts owed.
     LL Cool J, born in Queens, is considered by music lovers as one of the forefathers of pop rap, with hits such as “Mama Said Knock You Out” and “I Need a Beat.” He’s also a film actor, and currently stars in “NCIS: Los Angeles” on CBS.
     Etman did not respond to a phone or email request for comment on Thursday. But the realtor’s website still features a video of LL Cool J and his daughter showing off the highly renovated, multi-level brownstone Smith was trying to sell in Harlem for $3.3 million.
     “Hi, I’m LL Cool J, and welcome to the second Renaissance of Harlem,” the rapper intones as he strolls down the street in a video that aired on NBC New York.
     Smith is represented by Robert Meloni with Meloni & McCaffrey in Manhattan.

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