Littlest Clinton Supporters Scream for Chelsea

     TOLEDO, Ohio (CN) — Taking the stage Thursday at the University of Toledo, Chelsea Clinton beamed as a screaming child joined the chorus of applause greeting the daughter of the Democratic presidential candidate.
     “Yes, please, I love children making noises,” exclaimed Clinton, who just gave birth to her second child in June. “It makes me feel right at home.”
     As audience members took their seats — an excited, diverse gathering of Hillary Clinton supporters young and old — Chelsea spoke briefly about nurturing themes and the importance of voting. (Click here to see video of the exchange.)
     “Please don’t feel like you have to shush him or her,” Clinton said, “or anyone else who may not be old enough to vote but who are living reminders of what this election is all about.”
Quickly the subject turned to compassion, and the crowd applauded respectfully as Clinton spoke about a plan for the treatment of the soaring number of heroin and painkiller addicts.
     Clinton talked specifically about drug prevention at the high school and collegiate levels, adding support for first responders and local health systems, as well as justice reform.
     Education was also a strong theme. Clinton said families who make less than $125,000 a year should be eligible for free college classes, and called student-loan reform overdue.
     “No one should have to make a professional choice to service a debt,” said Clinton, who has degrees from Stanford, Columbia and Oxford universities.
     The former First Kid also mentioned the plight of the Detroit Public Schools, where she said there was “mold,” and the city of Flint, where the bare bones staff is often overwhelmed.
     “Teachers need to get back to teaching,” Clinton said to applause.
     During a question-and-answer period at the end of the event, Clinton was asked if her mother would be able to force Donald Trump to give substantive answers at the upcoming debate.
     “Thank you for taking it for granted that my mom will give substantive responses,” Clinton said. “That’s something we should expect from anyone running for president to do.”
     Another question detailed frustration about resistance to the Black Lives Matter movement, and how “people are getting tired of being labeled terrorists.”
     Clinton said it was “intolerable” and criminal justice reform was sorely needed. While the federal government could not force states to use body cams on all police officers, they could be “shamed” into doing so.
     After the event, Clinton visited the Toledo campaign office. She is scheduled to continue the Michigan visit to Grand Rapids, Lansing and a phone bank in Flint on Friday.
     Trump supporters or Hillary protesters were scarce outside the auditorium. Two men holding Trump-Pence signs were talking with other students who approached them.

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