Lindsay Lohan in High Dudgeon

      MINEOLA, N.Y. (CN) – Lindsay Lohan claims E*Trade portrayed her as a “milkaholic,” boyfriend-stealing baby in an advertisement that aired during the Superbowl and the Olympics, and assesses the insult at $100 million. In the ad, a baby boy tells his jealous girlfriend he did not call her because he was trading on E*Trade, and she accuses him of seeing “that milkaholic Lindsay.”

     Lohan was a frequent figure in the tabloids during the mid-decade, after being arrested on drunk-driving and cocaine possession charges, and her trips to rehab and 12-step meetings were widely reported.
     Lohan claims E*Trade used her “name, characterization, and personality” without permission, violating her privacy.
     The ad first ran during the Superbowl, aired again during the Olympics and is posted on the Internet on blogs, YouTube and other Web sites.
     In addition to the $100 million, Lohan wants the ad pulled and any copies of it recalled.
     She is represented by in Nassau County Court Stephanie Ovadia.

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