Liberty League Called a $5 Million Scam

     PHOENIX (CN) – Liberty League International took more than $5 million in a pyramid scheme that promised its “members” could make up to $181,000 a year working at home for less than 4 hours a day, according to a class action in Federal Court. Liberty said it would cost just $49.95 to join the sales program, then pressured its “members” to spend another $22,400 for “conferences” and a “personal development course,” the class claims.

     Liberty advertised on its Web site that the only purchase needed was a $49.95 start-up kit – then the company pushed its $1,495 personal development course, $7,995 three-day conference and $12,995 five-day conference, according to the complaint. The only way around purchasing the products – for $22,485 – was to sell other people five of each, the class claims.
     Liberty promised that its members could make “multiple $1,000 profits daily,” working for one to four hours a day, the class claims. And it claimed that many members made as much as $181,000 a year.
     The class claims Liberty fails to tell them that to make a profit they had to recruit others into the program and get them to buy its products.
     The class demands an injunction and damages.
     Also named as defendants are Beyond Freedom Publishing, Brent Payne, Shane Krider, Liberty League Holdings, and Big Ass Britches Holdings.
     The class is represented by Andrew S. Friedman and Patricia N. Syverson with Bonnett, Fairbourn & Friedman and David Brower with Brower Piven of New York.

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