Law School Grads Can’t Strike Opponent’s Facts

     CHICAGO (CN) – The 7th Circuit blocked a pair of law school graduates from striking several pages from their opponent’s record of facts in a lawsuit challenging the privileges Wisconsin extends to in-state law school graduates.

     Corrine Wiesmueller and Heather Devan sued to challenge Wisconsin’s diploma privilege, which allows in-state law school graduates to practice law without passing the bar exam. That privilege is not extended to graduates of law schools outside Wisconsin.
     Judge Posner denied the plaintiffs’ motion to wipe out the entire fact section of defendant John Kosobucki’s brief. The plaintiffs said the facts should have been moved to the argument section.
     “We think the plaintiffs have confused ‘argument’ with ‘argumentative,'” Posner wrote. “It is forbidden for the statement of facts to misstate the record or omit unfavorable material facts … but that is not what the defendant has done.”

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