Law Firm Claims Alex Rodriguez|Owes It $380,000 for Doping Case

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Alex Rodriguez owes a New York City law firm $380,000 for its work defending him from doping allegations, the Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani firm claimed Tuesday in a federal lawsuit.
     According to the 16-page lawsuit, Rodriguez hired Gordon Rees in May 2013 as part of his “legal dream team” to defend him from doping allegations. A-Rod’s Dream Team included other attorneys, investigators and public relations flacks.
     Gordon Rees claims the Yankee slugger hired it to defend him from “allegations that Mr. Rodriguez used multiple forms of steroids and other performance-enhancing substances over multiple years.”
     The law firm claims that Rodriguez hired it, “specifically, Gordon & Rees partner David Comwell,” because of Comwell’s “vast expertise in representing professional athletes who have been accused of violating the drug and/or steroid policies of the various professional sports leagues, and because of Mr. Cornwell’s prior success in overturning the suspension of another professional baseball player for similar alleged infractions – the first and only time a professional baseball player has successfully challenged a positive drug test.”
     The law firm says Rodriguez signed a legal services contract on May 21, 2013, and that “Notwithstanding that Mr. Rodriguez unequivocally promised to pay for Gordon & Rees’ extensive legal work on his behalf, Mr. Rodriguez now refuses to pay a substantial portion of the legal fees incurred over the course of eight months in connection with Gordon & Rees’ hard work and long hours on one of the most high-stakes sports litigations in history.”
     It claims that “Rodriguez admitted that his advisers at Roe Nation, more specifically, Desiree Perez, instructed him ‘not to pay the invoices, and to make Gordon & Rees sue’ him.”
     So they did.
     Gordon & Rees demands $380,058.91, plus interest, or alternatively, to submit to fee arbitration.
     It is represented by staff attorney Peter Siachos.

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