Label Claims Puddle of Mudd Didn’t Deliver

LOS ANGELES (CN) – Puddle Of Mudd reneged on an agreement to deliver more than a dozen recordings to independent record label Cleopatra, the company claims in court.
     Cleopatra Records sued Wesley Scantlin, who performs as Puddle of Mudd, in a Superior Court complaint for breach of contract, fraud, rescission and money had and received.
     Cleopatra claims that it paid a $90,000 advance to the musician this year. In return, Puddle of Mudd agreed to record 14 songs for Cleopatra, to include 10 unreleased songs and four new versions of previous hits, according to the complaint.
     “The agreement also specified that if Scantlin failed to deliver the sound recordings within ninety days of the execution of the agreement (the ‘delivery date’), the advance would be reduced by $2,500 for every thirty-day period after the delivery date for which Scantlin failed to deliver the sound recordings,” the lawsuit states.
     Cleopatra claims that it paid Puddle of Mudd’s management company Artist Representation Group $45,000 as well as a fee to a person who brokered the deal.
     But even though it handed over half of the advance to the musician, he has failed to keep up his end of the bargain and deliver the new tunes, the label claims.
     “On May 21, 2014, Cleopatra sent formal written notice to Scantlin, informing him that he was in breach of the agreement. To date, Scantlin has not delivered the sound recordings, and is still in breach of the agreement,” the lawsuit states.
     The label wants Puddle of Mudd to deliver the songs or pay it $45,000 in damages, as well as the present and future value of the recordings.
     Named as defendants are Wesley Scantlin aka Puddle of Mudd, Artist Representation Group, Puddle of Mudd’s manager Johnny Gallo and co-manager Doreen Fosbenner.
     The record label is represented by Bridget Hirsch.

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