LA Attorneys Resolve Fight Over Private Jet

LOS ANGELES (CN) – High-profile attorneys Brian Kabateck and Mark Geragos appear to have resolved their dispute over joint ownership of a private jet, with Kabateck on Tuesday filing a request to dismiss the state court case.

Kabateck sued Geragos in Los Angeles County Superior Court this past week, claiming Geragos absconded with their Cessna Citation aircraft and moved it to another hangar.

But on Tuesday, Kabateck filed a request for dismissal.

In a joint statement forwarded to Courthouse News by Kabateck’s spokeswoman Gina Fernandes, the attorneys said they looked forward to putting the fight in the past.

“Brian Kabateck and Mark Geragos have agreed to dismiss the lawsuit and work on resolving our differences outside the courtroom,” the statement said.

Kabateck is a founder and managing partner of Kabateck Brown Kellner.

Geragos’ clients have included Winona Ryder, Michael Jackson, Nicole Ritchie, Chris Brown and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

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