Kung Fu Black Belt Sues Democrats

CINCINNATI (CN)- A Cincinnati man sued the Democratic National Committee on civil rights charges, saying he was forcibly removed from a town hall meeting on health care after he was “compelled to correct the panel for a third time.”

     Thomas Quigley says that after he repeatedly corrected “misinformation” and “misstatements,” guards told him to “keep his mouth shut.”
     When the guards approached him for a third time, Quigley says, he told them he was “a black belt in kung-fu and would respond if attacked. This caused the guards to back off.”
     When he spoke up a fourth time, Quigley says the guards “regained their courage” and threw him out, bonking him in the process, “with a forearm in the forehead.”
     Quigley demands $50,000 for assault and battery and negligence. He is represented by Richard Reiling in Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas.

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