Kentucky Supreme Court

     ATTORNEYS – The Kentucky Supreme Court permanently disbarred Irvin Scott Johns from practice of law. The 12 charges against Johns demonstrated a pattern of misconduct in which he would accept representation of a client, accept an advance payment of fee, fail to perform the legal tasks, fail to communicate with the client, and fail to refund any unearned fee. Kentucky Bar Association v. Johns

     ATTORNEYS – The Kentucky Supreme Court permanently disbarred David V. Williams from the practice of law because Williams requested permanent disbarment for his numerous charged and uncharged violations of the rules of professional conduct. Williams v. Kentucky Bar Association
     ATTORNEYS – The Kentucky Supreme Court suspended Valerie Lynn Bock from practice of law because Bock did not comply with the court’s order to complete and report her continuing legal education hours for the 2005-2006 educational year. Kentucky Bar Association v. Bock
     ATTORNEYS – The Kentucky Supreme Court restored attorney Chester William Shaver’s Kentucky Bar Association membership. The Association received Shaver’s payment for his restoration fee, dues, and late fees owed on his dues, and the attorney completed his continuing legal education requirement. Kentucky Bar Association v. Shaver
     ATTORNEYS – The Kentucky Supreme Court suspended Kevin M. Callihan from practice of law for 30 days. Callihan knowingly and falsely represented that he was authorized to practice law when he sent the Trial Commissioner a curriculum vitae by email. The email stated that Callihan was on administrative school leave when he was actually suspended from practice of law for failure to pay dues. Kentucky Bar Association v. Callihan

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