Judge Won’t Hold Allegiant in Contempt

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – A federal judge Thursday declined to sanction Allegiant Air for contempt of a court order involving its scheduling system for union pilots.
     U.S. District Judge Andrew Gordon denied as moot a Teamsters motion for contempt , which the union submitted on Feb. 27
     Teamsters Local 1224 accused the airline of violating Gordon’s July 2014 preliminary injunction order .
     In the order, Gordon required the airline to “respect pilot seniority and to provide greater transparency and predictability for the pilots” when it revamped its pilot scheduling system.
     The Teamsters said in February that its pilots “are witnessing and suffering the cavalier attitude” of Allegiant, which has a “wholesale lack of respect for the law.”
     The Teamsters accused the airline of “wreaking havoc on the pilots’ lives through unilateral changes to the negotiated scheduling system.”
     The issues were addressed during a multi-day evidentiary hearing in May, after which Gordon enjoined the union from striking .
     On May 1, 2015, after a three-day evidentiary hearing in a related case, I issued an order holding that Allegiant had indeed complied with the July preliminary injunction,” Gordon wrote in his May 28 order denying sanctions.
     “Teamsters’ motion for sanctions is therefore denied as moot to the extent that it tries to fault Allegiant for violating that injunction. The motion also contains references to misrepresentations Allegiant allegedly made to me before I issued the injunction. I have set a hearing for later this summer to address those allegations. If Teamsters can prove at that hearing that Allegiant misled me, it can again move for contempt sanctions.”
     Teamsters and Allegiant Air officials were not immediately available for comment Thursday.

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