Judge Slams Birther for|Either Mockery or Stupidity

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Orly Taitz “is either toying with the court or displaying her own stupidity,” a federal judge wrote, slamming the so-called Queen of the Birthers for repeatedly violating the rules of civil procedure by incorrectly redacting President Barack Obama’s Social Security number, which she claims he is using illegally.
     Taitz filed a Freedom of Information Act complaint against the Social Security Administration in February. In that filing and several others, she listed the number in its entirety.
     After the court instructed Taitz to redact all but the last four digits, Taitz apparently didn’t get the message.
     Instead, Taitz, a lawyer, left the first five digits intact and redacted the last four digits.
     Chief U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth said he has not yet imposed sanctions because the government has not asked.
     “Plaintiff should be aware, however, that repeated violations of the rules are in fact sanctionable, even sua sponte,” he wrote. “Moreover, wasting the court’s time with nonsense is not the way for plaintiff to have any hope of prevailing in this case.”
     When confronted with her repeated errors, Lamberth said Taitz made a “somewhat hysterical claim for reconsideration” and said a court employee was “intentionally sabotaging” her.
     On Monday, Taitz sent another version of her opposition to the court with the last four digits of the Social Security number redacted yet again.
     “Plaintiff is either toying with the court or displaying her own stupidity,” Lamberth wrote. “She made the correct redactions when she re-filed her complaint and amended complaint. There is no logical explanation she can provide as to why she is now wasting the court’s time, as well as staff’s time, with these improper redactions.”
     Though Soviet Moldova-born Taitz is the face of the so-called birther movement, her views are extreme enough to have gotten her banned from Tea Party events. In addition to being a lawyer, Taitz is a dentist and tae kwon do black belt.

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