Judge Reprimanded for Misleading YouTube Ads

     (CN) – The Florida Supreme Court announced that it will publicly reprimand a judge over a misleading YouTube advertisement.

     Judge Angela Dempsey posted an advertisement to “re-elect” herself in 2008. In addition to using the word “re-elect” in her online ad, one of her campaign mailers claimed that she had “20 years of legal experience.”
     Dempsey was not elected as a judge before the 2008 campaign; she was appointed to the bench in 2005.
     As for the 20 years of legal experience, she was admitted to the practice of law in 1994.
     In a per-curiam decision, the Florida Supreme Court approved the Judicial Qualifications Commission’s recommendation to publicly reprimand Dempsey.
     “The misleading information contained within Judge Dempsey’s campaign materials was placed within the materials deliberately and was done for the purpose of bolstering her own experience and credibility to the voting public,” the justices wrote. “Without a doubt, Judge Dempsey’s conduct was wholly inappropriate.”

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