Jobs, Fight on Terror Top EU Citizens’ Wish List

     (CN) — EU citizens say the fight against terrorism and action on unemployment should be lawmakers’ highest priorities, according to a survey released this past week by the European Parliament.
     The survey was conducted in mid-April and involved nearly 28,000 participants.
     Eighty-two percent of respondents said the fight against terrorism should be among the EU’s top priorities, while 77 percent said lawmakers should make responding to unemployment a primary goal.
     After terror attacks in Paris late last year and in Brussels earlier this year, 40 percent of respondents said they believe the risk of another attack is high — a figure bolstered by a solid majority of respondents in France, Belgium and Britain.
     Respondents identified three measures proposed by the European Parliament as most pressing when it comes to the fight against terrorism: tackling the financing of terror groups, fighting the roots of terrorism and radicalization and strengthening control of the EU’s external borders.
     A supermajority of respondents also wants the EU to do more to tackle tax fraud, while 74 percent identified migration as a key issue. Seventy-one percent of respondents said the protection of external borders should be a priority, and 67 percent want more done to protect the environment.
     And although the survey predated Britain’s vote to leave the EU by more than two months, 74 percent of Europeans said that what brings them together is more important than what separates them.
     The European Parliament noted that it is already working on several initiatives to address the priorities singled out by respondents.

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