‘Jersey Shore’ Called a Criminal Enterprise

     CHICAGO (CN) – MTV and Viacom have cast members of “Jersey Shore” assault people “to provide a television spectacle” and boost ratings and profits, a woman who says she was victimized by the show claims in a federal RICO complaint. She claims the so-called “reality” TV show receives “profits from a pattern of unlawful activity by filming and broadcasting incidences of criminal assault and battery that have been intentionally provoked by members of the production team and cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ for entertainment purposes.”

     Carrie Malec claims that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “J-Woww” Farley beat her up on the dance floor at a Miami nightclub, the Tantra Restaurant & Lounge, in front of numerous witnesses, to juice up the “reality” show.
     Malec says that MTV and Viacom intentionally put her “in a situation that would provoke physical harm in order to provide a television spectacle, receive profits, and produce a lucrative business endeavor.”
     Malec claims several people have been attacked by “Jersey Shore” cast members in Viacom’s quest for profits.
“Employees are employed and/or instructed to cause injury to others so that the show’s content can be developed to generate profits when airing the show,” Malec says. She adds, “Defendants are currently being sued by other individuals who have been victims of battery by cast members during tapings of the television show, unrelated to plaintiff’s claim.”
Malec says she was attacked on May 6.
“A major theme of the show is the frequent and random criminal violence that occurs to or involves the cast members, and other people in the locations where the show is being taped,” according to the complaint.
     Malec wants the episode in which she was assaulted enjoined from being broadcast. She also demands punitive damages from MTV Networks, Viacom, Polizzi, and Farley, alleging RICO violations and assault and battery.
     Malec is represented by Blake Horwitz.

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