Italian Brewer Can’t Put ‘Bavaria’ on Beer Labels

     (CN) – Bavarian beer brewers can use their trademark to stop an Italian brewery from using “Bavaria” in the name of their beers, Europe’s Court of Justice ruled.

     Bayerischer Brauerbund is the name of a Bavarian brewing collective that was founded in 1917. The group registered a trademark in 2001 of “Bayerisches Bier” as a protected geographical indication (PGI.)
     Bavaria NV is a Dutch beer company that was founded in 1925. It uses “Bavaria’ in the title of its beers.
     Bayerischer tried to use its PGI to stop Bavaria Italia from using the Italian parts of its marks. The appeals court asked the Court of Justice to sort out how far the PGI can go in stopping the use of the term “Bavaria” in other beers.
     The court ruled in favor of Bayerisches, finding that its PGI “had not become generic, as the direct link between the reputation of Bavarian beer and its geographic origin had not disappeared.”

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