It Started With a Cut

     PORTLAND, Ore. (CN) – A man says he had to have his penis removed after a series of medical events that started when he went to the doctor with a cut finger.

     While treating the finger, Daniel Wymbs claims his doctor discovered a mild hernia. Wymbs underwent elective hernia surgery, which soon became infected, according to the complaint. Nearly a month after the surgery, doctors at Providence Portland Medical Center diagnosed Wymbs with severe penile infection and Fournier’s Gangrene. Six days later, Wymbs says his entire penis had become “fully necrotic,” necessitating an “almost complete” removal.
     Wymbs sued Providence, Dr. John Ragsdale and Dr. Gilbert Klemann for $3.5 million.
     He is represented in Multnomah County Court by Sheldon Aronson.

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