Israel Says Army Drone ‘Crashed’ in Lebanon

JERUSALEM (AFP) — The Israeli army said Monday that one of its drones “fell” in Lebanon, without denying Hezbollah claims that it shot the aircraft down.

“Yesterday, Sunday, an Israel Defense Forces drone in northern Israel fell into Lebanese territory. There is no risk of a breach of information,” an army spokeswoman said, without giving further details.

Lebanon’s Shiite movement Hezbollah, which exchanged fire with Israeli forces in a flash confrontation last week, said it had downed the drone.

Hezbollah said Monday that its fighters “confronted with the appropriate weapons an Israeli drone” heading toward the border village of Ramyeh.

The group said the aircraft was in its hands.

Last week’s flare-up was sparked by an Israeli strike in Syria that killed two Hezbollah fighters on Aug. 24. Israel said the strike prevented a Iranian drone attack on its territory.

That was followed hours later by what Hezbollah described as an Israeli drone strike on its Beirut stronghold.

Israel did not acknowledge that attack, but accused Hezbollah and Iran of colluding to produce precision-guided missiles on Lebanese soil.

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has said his organization would shoot down any Israeli drone entering Lebanese airspace.

In the Sept. 1 flare-up, Iran-backed Hezbollah fired antitank missiles into Israel, hitting military targets.

Israel’s army said it responded with around 100 artillery shells after Hezbollah targeted a battalion headquarters and military ambulance.

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