Iran Air Sanctioned for Ties to Islamic Guard

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The United States Department of the Treasury announced sanctions against Iran’s national air carrier, Iran Air, and the largest operator of deep water ports in that country, Tidewater Middle East Co., due to their affiliation with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

     Under Executive Order 13382, signed by former President George W. Bush in 2005, the Treasury Department may freeze the assets of companies and individuals associated with the Revolutionary Guard, which was designated as a proliferator of weapons of mass destruction.
     The Revolutionary Guard and Iran’s Ministry of Defense use Iran Air to ship military supplies, including rockets and missiles, throughout Iran and into Syria, according to the Treasury.
     Tidewater, which is owned by the Revolutionary Guard, operates facilities at seven Iranian ports, and the U.S. Treasury alleges that illicit arms shipments originating from Tidewater facilities have been uncovered in Africa and the Middle East.
     The Revolutionary Guard is a primary focus of U.S. and international sanctions against Iran because it plays a central role in Iran’s illicit nuclear and ballistic missile programs, its support for terrorism, and its involvement in serious human rights abuses, according to the Treasury.

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